90 Minuten Vortrag: Luxigon, Paris

25. April 2017, 18 Uhr, Raum E22, Studienort Oldenburg


Luxigon, Paris: Arkitektronic/Farewell Gravity!

Eric de Broche des Combes - Luxigon, Paris Office: Arkitektronic/Farewell Gravity!

Luxigon is a leading architectur(e)al visualization company based in Paris, France. The founders, Eric de Broche des Combes, Laurent Theaux and Benjamin Dawidowicz are all experts in their fields ranging from architecture to graphic design. They find themselves surrounded by a fine team of designers, artists, architects, photographers and generally across the board disciplines are integrated into the daily routine of producing top of the line images for a range of acclaimed architects all over the world. Yes, we are having fun. Most often. With twenty years of experience, a distinct style and attitude, Luxigon seductively draws a lot of attention which in turn has led to a list of first prizes, honorable mentions and winning competitions. Every image does have a unique story to tell, a composition of moments captured and brought into a single frame to create an intriguing atmosphere.

Bio: Eric is a DPLG architect and graphic designer born in 1971 in Marseilles. His images quickly seduced famous architectural firms who have in turn promoted Luxigon as one of the most distinctive 3D renderings studios worldwide. He also works as an architect through Buro-BC and has started a research group devoted to experimental approaches in the conception of projects. Eric joins other design teams, contributes to publications and gives lectures on images. Computer gaming technology and its possible application to his projects is another passion alongside teaching at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Eventually he will die some day.