Designing Devices for Healthy Ageing - An International Challenge

The Department of Engineering Sciences and the International Office of Jade University offer a three-week summer course in Biomedical Engineering.  This course focuses on the field of healthy ageing, which places a huge challenge on the near future of mankind.

An ageing human society puts severe constraints on health care systems with regard to the demands of costs, quality, and personnel. There is a growing need for innovative medical technology solutions that contribute to our concept of healthy ageing. Implementation of the latest technology will have a significant impact on future medical care, diagnosis, and the alleviation of diseases. Technical innovation can also provide solutions such as telemetry, distant-virtual consulting and checking, the automation of processes, and robot technology. Intelligent implants that use new design methods, materials, and software can keep patients mobile and fit as long as possible. Early recognition using accurate diagnostic equipment that employs imaging techniques, lab-on-chip analysis, and advanced sensors can reduce treatment costs and improve recovery rates. As a consequence, medical care can be provided at home, in the patient’s personal environment, instead of in a hospital, thus reducing costs.

The aim of the course is to provide an introduction to the multidisciplinary field of healthy ageing by examining the development of medical devices, applications for medical technologies, electronic systems, biomaterials, biosignal processing and human aspects, by means of lectures, lab work and field trips. The multicultural focus of the course is intensified by the presence of a pan-European lecturing staff drawn from several centres of excellence in the field of biomedical engineering. Another key learning outcome of this course is provided by the interaction of international students in group-based projects, poster preparation sessions, and organised social events.

The summer course covers four parallel course routes. It is recommended students stay on the same route for all three weeks. 

The course language is English. The presence of teachers as well as students from foreign countries requires the use of a shared language as the basis of everyday communication and interaction, and gives better motivation than a language course at a home university ever could. 

This annual summer course is a regular part of the Biomedical Engineering degree programme at Jade University, and is accepted by our partner universities.