Poster session assignment

As part of the Summer Course "Designing Devices for Healthy Ageing - An International Challenge" an assignment is given to groups of maximal four students from different countries of origin. The participating groups are assigned by lot during the opening session of the Summer Course. Then the following assignment will be handed out:

"Prepare a poster about one of the subjects listed below and present it in a special session at the end of the Summer Course (see schedule)"

A "poster" is a paper or cardboard substrate in dimension of A1 (600mm*840mm) containing:

  • written statements
  • illustrations (photographs, drawings, clippings, internet downloads etc.

with the aim to attract the attention of potential interested persons passing by, asking for a further explanation. You may find a guide which will help you to make a good poster.

The poster presentations are held in a suitable environment on the last day of the Summer Course (Friday), and are judged by a committee. A sufficient result will be awarded with 2.0 ECTS credits (an equivalent of approx. 40 hours of work).

The poster session will always contain:

An overview of the specific situation of the chosen subject in the countries of origin: home situation; governmental directives, legislature; cultural and or religious views; statistics etc. The subjects below can be viewed from different perspectives, such as:

  • ethical
  • cultural
  • economical
  • technical
  • organisational.

Subject list

  • Future of an Ageing Society
  • Ambient Assisted Living
  • Public Health Systems
  • Organ Donations
  • Artificial Organs
  • Euthanasia