Course programme


Mon, 28.8.Welcome  -  Workshop "German Language and Culture"  -  Introduction to courses  -  Poster session stimulation 

Opening session: "Healthy Ageing - A New Challenge for Biomedical Engineers" (Wallhoff)
Tue, 29.8.


Fri, 1.9.
Basics of Microfluidics (M. Schlüter, H. Lenz-Strauch)
Course content:

Basic fabrication principles
Applications of microfluidics
Project work:Training on basic production techniques
Sat, 2.9.
Sun, 3.9.

Excursions to Baltrum (Mud flat hiking) and Meyer Shipyard Papenburg
Mon, 4.9.


Thu, 7.9.

Microfluidics Engineering (A. Luque, S. Gaßmann)
Course content:Basics of microfluidics (calculations/scaling laws)   
Basics of CFD
Project work:Definition of the project goal (application)
Research of the state-of-the-art
Design of the system
Simulation of the system
Start with the fabrication
Fri, 8.9.
Sun, 10.9.

Weekend excursion to Hamburg
Mon, 11.9.


Thu, 14.9.

Microfluidics Application (R. Lima, S. Gaßmann)
Course content: Biomicrofluidics
Advanced applications
Recent research in microfluidics
Project work: Characterisation of the system
Comparison with the calculation/simulation
Presentation of the results
Fri, 15.9.Poster presentations - Student evaluation - Final award presentations



Normal timetable

09:00Start morning session
12:00 Lunch 
13:00 Start afternoon session