USA Summer program


American students are guests in Germany - German students study abroad while staying at home!

In cooperation with the Edward Whitacre College of Engineering (Texas Tech University, Lubbock, USA) and organized by a project team of members of the Department of Engineering Sciences and the Department of Management, Information, Technology, the 8th Engineering Summer Program at Jade Hochschule will take place from:

July 10th - August 18th, 2017


Jade students from the Department of Engineering Sciences or from the Department Management, Information and Technology who are:

  • interested in learning in an international environment with native speakers
  • interested in practicing intercultural understanding
  • have fun organizing and joining in an exchange program with American students for evenings and weekends
  • interested in getting credits recognized in accordance with regulations for recognition of summer course offers
  • studying Industrial Engineering at least in their 3rd semester
  • studying Electrical Engineering, Communication and Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Sciences in Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics, Medical Technology or Marine Technology at least in their 3rd semester are welcome!

In 2017 these three courses are offered from July 10th - August 18th 2017:

    • General Electrical Engineering
    • International Engineering Project
      • Part one – Production
      • Part two – Intercultural Understanding
    • Sorry, not more available! TCP / IP / Network programming
  • American students can achieve 3 TTU credits for each course
  • German students can achieve 5 CP for each course


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