Open universities: Career Advancement through Education

Faculty staffProf. Dr. Ralf Wandelt (Project manager), Peter John (Project co-ordinator)
Dedicated staffElisabeth Klimmek, Nicolas Nause


The objective of this part project is to implement the distance education master's degree course "Maritime Management" on the basis of the existing on-campus course. The distance education version of the postgraduate programme will enable nautical officers and other students with a maritime background to achieve a Master of Science degree (M.Sc.) after a  co-operative programme of work and study.

Some students may study individual course units (certificates) while others may take advantage of the full course's flexibility in terms of study times and on-site lectures, which allows them to enrol in a post-graduate course regardless of their professional workload.

Mariners actively working at sea are a particular challenge, since internet access is not always available, and they are travelling in different time zones. Course content will be made available in a way which takes these circumstances into account. All modules will be offered in English.

Target Group

The target group includes on the one hand nautical officers who have completed a bachelor's degree in Nautical Science, and on the other graduates  working in maritime transport, marine technology, shipbuilding, or other areas of the maritime economy.

The Maritime Management Master's program will qualify graduates to apply to the higher level German civil service.