Academic Computing Center

The Academic Computing Center (ACC) is a central facility which provides IT services for the research and teaching sector, the central facilities and the university's administration.

For this, the Academic Computing Center is divided into centralized and decentralized (locational) tasks. For users, service is provided directly at their respective location, where technical support is given especially when using the PC-Pools and the PC workstations.
To ensure high homogeneity for the university's equipment and operating concept as well as to mantain high synergy effects, tasks such as conceptual planning and the placing of orders of large-scale equiment are being monitored centrally. 

Tasks managed by the Academic Computing Center include:

  • Planning, composing and running the university's network
  • The provision of all basic network services
  • Operating the external data connections and data services (i.a. the German scientific network)
  • Providing communication services for all relevant central server systems
  • Planning and monitoring the university's publicily available PC-Pools
  • Planning and coordinating the university's EDP-acquisitions according to the nationwide investment programs CIP, WAP, CAD, etc.
  • The provision of software-, application- and server systems
  • Representing the university's interests in various committs and organizations such as
    -  The German National Research and Education Network (DFN),
    -  The Center for Communication and Information Processing (ZKI)
    -  The State Working Committee for Information Technology/Academic Computing Centers in Lower Saxony (LANIT)