Profile of Jade University of Applied Sciences

Education endures

If you want to study, research and lay the foundations of your career in an open, modern university embedded in the region, then Jade University of Applied Sciences is just right for you. With our three attractive campuses in Wilhelmshaven, Oldenburg and Elsfleth as well as 48 courses ranging from Architecture, Construction and Engineering Sciences to Technology and Healthcare, Business Administration including Nautical Science and Logistics or Management, Information and Technology, we offer an innovative variety with a wide appeal. Find out more about our extensive Range of courses.

A close-knit community

At Jade University of Applied Sciences, nobody studies on their own. In an almost family-like atmosphere, our currently 7,600 students make contacts quickly and enjoy lots of support throughout their courses. The 200 professors are always available for a chat with students. A human touch, future vision, good research conditions and quality of teaching: Jade University of Applied Sciences stands for all this. We value practical education and long-term cooperation with regional businesses.
What's more, Jade University of Applied Sciences is committed to social values and supports in particular first-generation students so they can climb up the social ladder.

Fun fact

Once a year in November, some 30 professors from Jade University of Applied Sciences and Oldenburg University take over the turntables in popular Oldenburg clubs. The Night of the Profs is great fun and draws more than 2,000 students who get to know their profs from a completely different angle. The professors in Wilhelmshaven also regularly lay down the beats for their students.

Quality wins

Jade University of Applied Sciences is a young university, yet it draws on a long educational tradition. Why? Because it was founded in 2009 by merging two existing technical colleges. So you'll find the very latest learning and teaching concepts here as well as experience and solid expertise stretching back to educational institutions from 1832. Click here to find out more about our History.

Competence convinces

Studierende am Studienort Oldenburg

Jade University of Applied Sciences sets new standards: Our students learn values and skills that help society. Graduates think critically and unconventionally and act responsibly. During academic studies, we combine the acquisition of key qualifications with ethical competence. Jade University of Applied Sciences is first choice for young people in the region.

But distance is not a consideration for many courses available as e-learning options. What's more, studying at Jade University of Applied Sciences puts you in touch with the world of work. We make sure of that with our range of study fields closely geared to the employment market. Another factor here is that our teaching staff all come from a practical background and maintain contacts with business. As a student, you continually benefit from this.

Knowledge makes the grade

Today, our Elsfleth campus is not only Germany's largest but also its most renowned nautical training centre. And many other departments of our young university also make a splash beyond the region. Take for instance the Construction, Geoinformation and Medical Technology Department in Oldenburg: "Germany's largest Construction Department". Or Medical Technology and the Institute for Auditory Technology and Audiology: "Globally respected research findings", as well as the Engineering Department in Wilhelmshaven with the Marine Technology course: "The future experts for the Jade-Weser-Port". Courses such as Auditory Technology and Audiology or Assistive Technologies are unique to Jade University of Applied Sciences.