The Manoeuvring Tank

The manoeuvring tank, which has recently been renovated and modernised in 2010, has traditionally complemented training in ship manoeuvring in our nautical faculty, and is nowadays available for use in internal research within the university.


Current engine
Using the adjustable current machine and a sophisticated method of regulating the water flow below the pool, a low-turbulence, almost laminar flow can be created in the first part of the pool.

Wind engines
Two powerful wind engines, whose strength can be regulated, can be positioned at any point on the pool.

Wave Machine
The construction of the wave machine was recently completed. It will be able, after appropriate research, to create wave patterns which have either been measured in natural conditions or have been simulated, in a form approximately scaled down to the model.

Bidirectional data transmission
There is bidirectional radio data transmission for the control consoles and ship models which enables the transfer of commands to the ships and measured data to the master console in real time.

Motion Tracking
The video motion tracking system, which was specially developed here in Elsfleth for our own manoeuvring tank, makes precise tracking and the recording of navigational data possible.

Computer-based master control
In addition to engine-telegraph and joysticks, the control panel has a touch-screen for display and operating functions. There is also a screen with a simple electronic sea chart displaying the model ship (motion-tracking). It can simulate the actuating system dynamics of different ship types. With its replay modus it can store and reproduce manoeuvres which have taken place.

Radio-controlled wire-mounted camera
This camera can be moved around above the tank. Both the scaffolded wireless camera and the digital camcorder can be swivelled vertically and horizontally.

Next to the manoeuvring tank is a multi-purpose laboratory/workshop. It can be used for electronic and microcontroller development. There are computers for software programming and a fully automatic circuit board milling machine. The existing equipment and tools can be used for model-making.