After approval

Welcome to Jade University! On this page we explain the most important steps you need to take after admission, upon arrival and when you start your studies. If you have more specific questions, please feel free to contact us.
We look forward to meeting you in person soon, for example during the orientation days!


In your letter of admission you will be informed on what happens next: enrolling.You will now need to hand in further documents, such as a photo (for your CampusCard), proof of health insurance, etc. to the university.

You will only be enroled and receive your CampusCard if your documents are complete and submitted by the deadline, and the semester administration fee has been transferred.

Health Insurance

All students under 30 years of age must provide proof of cost-covering health insurance for the respective semester upon enrollment or re-registration.  All students who are required to have health insurance are free to choose which health insurance company they want to be insured with and under which conditions.

As a student up to the age of 30, you are entitled to statutory health insurance at a reduced monthly contribution rate. You can expect to pay approximately 80 euros per month. Students who have studied more than 14 semesters and have reached the age of 30 are exempt from the statutory student health insurance.

Under certain circumstances - e.g. if your home country has a so-called social agreement with Germany - the insurance from your home country can be recognized in Germany. These are usually European insurances.

Multilingual information about the German health insurance system:
Search for a health insurance company:

Study financing

In addition to the cost of living, health insurance and the semester fee must be factored into the cost of studying.

There are no tuition fees in Germany. Higher education is therefore initially free of charge. Nevertheless, there is a semester fee that must be paid. This is used, among other things, to finance the semester ticket and also the discounted food in the refectory. A detailed list of the current amount and composition of the fee can be found on the page of the Enrollment Office.

The semester fees must be paid between December 15 and January 5 for the summer semester and between June 15 and March 30 for the winter semester.

It is not possible to pay the semester fees in installments; therefore, set aside money for your re-registration during the semester if possible. Re-registration is simply paying the fees and signals to the university that you will continue to study at Jade University in the coming semester. Even if there is initially a reminder after the re-registration deadline, unpaid semester fees mean exmatriculation quite quickly. This must be avoided at all costs, because the negative effects on health insurance, study time and residence permit, etc. are enormous.

At the Jade University of Applied Sciences, there is no funding option for the semester fee. You must therefore be able to finance this independently throughout your studies.


Campus Card

The Campus Card is your student ID. Students often receive a variety of discounts, for example on admission (cinema, swimming pool, etc.), newspaper subscriptions, bank accounts, cell phone rates, PC hardware and software, etc. Save money by proving with the Campus Card that you are studying at Jade University!

At the same time, the Campus Card is your semester ticket and entitles you to use the regional trains in Lower Saxony for free and even travel as far as Bremen or Hamburg. But not all trains are allowed - be sure to pay attention to the regulations ( to avoid expensive fines!

Library use also works at the university via the Campus Card. So it is also your library card!

You can also load your Campus Card with cash and use it to pay in the cafeteria, for example. You can also pay at the copiers at the university with the card and need it to be able to print at the machines.

If you lose your card or want to pay off the balance at the end of your studies, you can apply for a refund at the computer center.

student e-mail adress

With your enrollment at Jade University you will automatically receive a student email address. This usually looks like this: and can be accessed at

It is obligatory to check this inbox regularly, because official and important information from the university is only sent there (and not to private email addresses!). Scholarships, for example, are also announced in this way; so it can be worthwhile!

postal address

If there is very important information, e.g. about an impending exmatriculation, a letter can also be addressed to you by mail. Therefore, make sure that your name, complete and correct, is on your mailbox and that the address in eCampus is up-to-date!


Students from European Union countries do not need a visa to come to Germany. This also applies to some other countries. Current information about the entry requirements of the Federal Republic of Germany is provided by the Federal Foreign Office.

Please contact the responsible embassy for you for information about the required documents and the type of visa.

Please note that you have to prove sufficient financial means in the visa application. This is done via a blocked account. You can find more information at the embassy responsible for you and on the website of the German Foreign Office.


There is usually no campus system attached to German universities. Students have to find their own accommodation. However, you have the option of applying for a room in a student dormitory. The application forms for this can be found at the Studentenwerk

You can find many shared apartments with German students at

If you are interested in private housing, the Studentenwerk can also help you find a room. 

You can find more location-related tips for finding private housing on our study location pages. It is also always worth looking on the notice board at the university or in the newspaper.

In Germany, it is common for landlords to require a deposit of 1-3 months' rent. You will get this back when you move out. However, if there is damage to the apartment, the landlord is allowed to keep as much of the deposit as is necessary to repair the damage. Before you sign a lease, you should read it carefully.

Residence permit and immigration authority

The Aliens' Registration Office is the most important contact when it comes to your visa and/ or residence permit. Please stay in contact with the Aliens' Registration Office and inform them in time about any crucial changes (moving, planned change of study program, etc.). It is very important to do the bureaucratic things in time and correctly, so that no problems arise from it later.

Talk to us if the renewal of your residence title is imminent and you suspect difficulties. To prepare for the interview, please bring a work history since your arrival in Germany.

Please note that a change of study program is not always unproblematic and is also not possible for an unlimited period of time. It is important to discuss this with the Foreigners' Registration Office before you make the decision. Contact us early if you have any questions!