Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Blau

+49 441 7708 3726

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Research Interests

My research is centered around the two questions

  • How is sound (from natural or electroacoustic sources) transmitted to and perceived by the individual human auditory system?
  • How can technical systems (including hearing systems, medical implants, or concert halls) be designed and used to interact with the individual human auditory system?

PhD students


Felix Stärz: "Achieving realism and presence of audio renderings in virtual environments"
Reinhild Roden: "Electroacoustic models of active earpieces"
Tobias Sankowsky-Rothe: "Middle ear screening in newborns and infants"

Completed PhD projects

2021 Mina Fallahi: "Optimization and Evaluation of a Virtual Artificial Head for
Individual Dynamic Spatial Sound Reproduction over Headphones"
2015 Eugen Rasumow: "Synthetic reproduction of head-related transfer functions by using microphone arrays"