Our Profile

The main principles of how we operate:

  1. Our department thrives on the ideas, theories, projects and skills of our teaching staff and students on a basis of mutual exchange and development.

  2. The Department of Economics is just one part of a university of applied sciences. One of our primary goals is the special importance we place on the aspect of integrating practical experience with academics.
  3. We attain this goal by the careful selection of our faculty members who comprise a powerful mix of many years’ of professional know-how and distinguished academic work in their major teaching field.

  4. Internship project work, Bachelor’s theses, management games, workshops and excursions are some of the major tasks that accompany students during their academic studies to prepare them for their professional lives.
  5. Continual contact to private firms as well as to institutions and associations is an essential requirement to facilitate the students’ professional orientation.
  6. Besides the professional training gained in internships, offering a wide-range of networked basic academic education is a distinguishing characteristic of our department.
  7. he first segment of the undergrad program concentrates on gaining a basic understanding of the different components of economics and how they relate to each other before delving prematurely into a major.
  8. A wide selection of electives is offered in the second segment of the undergrad program to deepen the understanding of more specific theoretical functions in Economics and Management. A conceptual method ideally prepares the students for their professional careers.
  9. Intercultural and social competences as well as the practical skills needed for everyday life are much more integral parts of the undergrad program than simply being ‘the bits in-between’. Important skills such as language skills, presentation techniques and communication are just a few examples.
  10. We operate on the basis of an individual academic atmosphere coupled with close-knit academic mentoring at a university with short distances between the buildings and of this nestled into one of Germany’s most beautiful vacation landscapes.