European Civil Engineering Management

On the construction market there is a demand for managers who can develop, co-ordinate and put into practice the planning and realization of a building project. So there is a need for civil engineers who are also managers taking business management aspects into account. They can be employed internationally due to their language skills.

The study course “Bauingenieurwesen (Civil Engineering)” with the international study programme “European Civil Engineering Management (ECEM)” links the classic training of civil engineers to a managerial training with the focus on project management for construction projects not only in Europe, but worldwide.



ECEM is an international course of studies. A network of several European institutions of higher education offers the nearly identical studies “European Civil Engineering Management”. The students of each university spend part of their studies at a partner university abroad without any loss of time, quality and efficiency, as all study modules passed are automatically recognized by the home university. At our university the basis of this study course is a completely unitised stage-I and advanced study from the first to the fourth semester of the study programmes offered in Building and Civil Engineering. This study section investigates all aspects of building and civil engineering and enables the student to find his/her way around all fields of the potential working field.

The in-depth studies for students of the partner universities

The international students of the ECEM-partner universities study in Oldenburg together with the German students during the 5th and 6th semester. They attend the modules of the in-depth-studies specializing on project planning and construction management.

The ECEM-Network

Double Degree

With additional courses and a practical project together with the Bachelor Thesis, the ECEM-students of the partner universities can obtain the German Bachelor Degree (Double Degree) in addition to the degree of their home institution. For being admitted at our university please send your application directly to Uni-Assist. You will find the required documents at

Career Outlines

The internationally trained civil engineer works

  • in the building industry
  • in engineering and architectural offices
  • in building and planning authorities
  • in public or commercial building offices
  • in project development offices
  • in international planning and construction companies
  • in large-scale enterprises with international projects
  • in banks and insurance companies