Help for Refugees

Advice and Information for Refugees at Jade University of Applied Sciences

Right now, many people are fleeing to Germany looking for refuge from war, persecution and threats to their life. But apart from a feeling of safety, they are also hoping to build a better future for themselves. An important precondition for that is a solid education.

That's why Jade University of Applied Sciences as well as all the universities in Lower Saxony together with the Lower Saxony Ministry for Science and Culture are supporting refugees interested in studying by answering their questions about gaining a university place, continuing studies they started at home, or further university qualifications.

In line with Jade University's principle of taking on social responsibility, the departments and central bodies have set up a range of programs for the support and integration of refugees.

Universities for openness, tolerance and against xenophobia

The member universities of the German Rectors’ Conference (HRK) are set to oppose xenophobia in Germany as part of a nationwide initiative. The HRK members are committing to their stance with the slogan "Universites for openness, tolerance and against xenophobia". They are reacting to the incidents of racist verbal and physical attacks that have occurred over the past few weeks and months.

The Programme of the International Office

The International Office of Jade University provides the following services for refugees. Our staff will be happy to help you.

  • First contact: In a personal consultation, we ask you about your educational background and the certificates you have. We inform you about learning German, applying for a university place (with and without documents) and the courses available. We also help you with your course application (Uni-Assist) and application for a student grant (Bafög).
  • German language courses: We regularly offer a basic, intensive courses in German (the next is scheduled for February 2016) as well as part-time German courses alongside your studies. In all these courses, refugees are integrated in the courses for foreign students.
  • We support you in getting up to speed with the subjects you need and point you towards bridging courses in Maths, tutors in selected subjects, basic computing courses or introductions to using the municipal and university libraries.
  • We also help with social integration, creating contacts with students, and advise you on finding accommodation, computer equipment or bicycles. You can even ask us about tandem partners who help you learn the language.

International evening with refugees

About 50 guests took part at the international evening about Eritrea, Syria and Palestine on 3 November 2015. The evening was hosted by the International Office in cooperation with the ESG (evangelic study community), who offered the location in Brommystr. 75.

Unlike the prior international evenings of the international office, this time the evening was not organised mainly by students but mainly by refugees and asylum seekers. They are closely connected to Jade University since several months and visit e.g. language courses offered by the international office. After a sensitive introduction by the university’s pastor, Benno Gliemann, and the International Office, the young people presented geography, language, music and sports according to their home countries. They mastered the challenge of presenting in German language well. Culinary treats such as falafel, tabouleh and chicken gave a tasty impression of the different kitchens, rounded off by coffee made and served in the traditional Eritrean way.

Just as pleasant was the participation of employees of Jade University as well as employees of the town. The host, the presenting party and also the guests commented on the evening throughout with positive feedback.