The History of Jade University

The Oldenburg/East Frisia/Wilhelmshaven University of Applied Sciences was founded in 2000 by merging the formerly independent universities at these locations. With some 10,000 students, 800 staff, and a budget of more than EUR 60 million, it was Lower Saxony's largest university of applied sciences.

On 1.9.2009, the FH OOW was dissolved and transformed into the two independent universities of Emden/Leer and Wilhelmshaven/Oldenburg/Elsfleth.  

The roots of Jade University at the Oldenburg/Elsfleth campus go back to the 19th century. In the autumn of 1877, a winter school for construction trades was founded near Oldenburg. After many changes, it was transformed in 1938 into the State Construction School, Trade School for Construction and Civil Engineering in Oldenburg, then in 1968 it became the State Engineering Academy. Finally, after a merger with the Maritime College in Elsfleth in 1971, it evolved into the Oldenburg University of Applied Sciences.

Prior to their merger, the Oldenburg/Elsfleth campuses numbered 2,000 young people studying in the departments Architecture, Civil Engineering, Geoinformation and Maritime Studies.

Maritime training in Elsfleth started as early as 1832 when a private navigation school was opened.

Timeline of the Oldenburg und Elsfleth campuses

The forerunner institutions of Wilhelmshaven University of Applied Sciences were the Academy for Business Management, with roots going back to 1947 when the Specialist School for Business Management was founded, and the State Engineering Academy founded in 1965 as the fourth school for mechanical engineering and electrical technology in Lower Saxony. The two academies merged in 1971 and were re-formed to create Wilhelmshaven University of Applied Sciences. In just a few years, two new specialist departments were added to the traditional departments of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration and Management: they are Precision Engineering and Engineering and Management.
The number of students registered at Wilhelmshaven University of Applied Sciences grew from 700 at the beginning to some 3,000 in 1999. Currently, approx. 4,800 students are enrolled in Wilhelmshaven.

Timeline of the Wilhelmshaven campus