Borrowing, renewal and reservation


After registration for library use and after activating your CampusCard, you can borrow books from the respective library. The loan period for books usually is four weeks and can be extended if no reservation has been made. There is no charge for borrowing and renewing books. All other charges, such as overdue fines, can be found in the fee schedule.

Please note the local differences of each campus library:


You can borrow a maximum of 15 books at the same time. Reading room copies (blue shelf mark label on the spine of the book plus a yellow sticker "Not available for loan") and periodicals can be borrowed for a maximum of two hours, from 4 pm  overnight or from Friday noon over the weekend (short loan).


You can borrow a maximum of 50 media at the same time. Books that are not for loan can be borrowed overnight or from Friday afternoon over the weekend (short loan).


Books with a yellow sticker can be borrowed overnight from 4 pm or over the weekend from 4 pm on Fridays (short loan).


The renewal of the loan period is done via the online user account. The login for the user account is the user number (located below the barcode of your CampusCard or library card) and the corresponding password. When the renewal is executed, the loan period is extended by four weeks from the date of execution.

Please remember to extend the loan period 2-3 days before it expires. This will give you the opportunity to return a non-renewable book in time without incurring overdue fines.

If you are unable to extend via the online account, please use the contact options listed in the info box.


You need a book and all copies are out on loan?
Then you have the option of reserving a copy by pressing the "Reserve" button in the search tool of your choice (ORBISplus or in one of the local online catalogues) and confirming the reservation by entering your library login. Once the book has returned to the library, it will be held for you at the circulation desk for five days. You will receive a notification by e-mail.