Interlibrary loan

Use the interlibrary loan service if books are not in not stock

Books and journal articles that are not available in the libraries of Jade University can be ordered to your local campus library via interlibrary loan.

For title research outside the Jade University of Applied Sciences use, among others, the Gemeinsame Verbundkatalog (GVK) (Common Union Catalogue (GVK)), which contains the holdings of the affiliated libraries in Lower Saxony and six other German states.


Ordering books and articles as printed copy (max. 20 pages) from other German libraries costs €1.50. Additional charges may apply when ordering more extensive articles.

An overview of possible fees can be found in the fee schedule for libraries in Lower Saxony.

Ordering books and articles from the other campus libraries is free of charge (interlibrary loan).

Ordering books via interlibrary loan

The procedures for interlibrary loan differ at the study locations. You can find all important information here:

Interlibrary loan Wilhelmshaven
Interlibrary loan Oldenburg
Interlibrary loan at Elsfleth

If you thin think a title should be permanently available in the university library please feel free to make an acquisition suggestion.