International Workshops

Each year, students from the Faculty of Architecture take part in international workshops. In addition, every year we offer numerous Excursions abroad.

For example in 2017 we organised a cooperated workshop, with the Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF) in Niteroi (Brasilien). The students created an urban development project within a 2-week workshop. The purpose was to improve a present favela situation. The workshop involved students from Brazil, France and Germany. 

In addition, we regularly offer 1: 1 projects in different countries. For example in Morocco we organised a clay construction workshop in summer semester 2016. Already in the winter semester 2015, the students dealt intensively with the topic earth building in Morocco and the technical characteristics of the material on the basis of tests and tests. A model project was built by the students on the campus in Oldenburg and served as a technical and manual exercise.

We look forward to receive your applications for participating in a workshop.