The department of Architecture cooperates with numerous European and non-European universities. So there are several opportunities for you to plan your individual semester abroad: Spain, Italy, Estonia, Brazil... Every Year students of our partner universities participate in our study program through the Erasmus+ program. Consequently, also our study programs in Oldenburg have become more international.

If you like to work in multinational teams, you can take part in our international workshops and cooperative projects.
Together with our cooperation partners, e.g. from Kenya, Morocco, Brazil or the Netherlands, we organize workshops in different subject fields with a duration of four days up to two weeks. Those give you the chance to work on up-to-date tasks on a high level.

Our website introduces you to the partner universities and our workshop series. Here you also advice for the application for your semester abroad. For international students, our website provides information about a guest semester in Oldenburg and about the conditions for the registration in one of our courses of studies.