Studies in Tourism Management in France and in Wilhelmshaven

Studying in France and Germany

Information en françaisThe tourism sector is pretty much international by nature, so it makes sense to study Tourism Management in an international setting! If you love France and the French language, then why not pursue a double degree in our German-French co-operative program? You can complete one part of your studies in Tourism Management in French at our partner university in France by doing one of your three undergraduate years there and afterwards are eligible for the German B.A. as well as the French. Jade University´s Department of Economics offers you the following options:

  1. You may do the specific course of study, German-French Tourism Management (integrated German-francophone studies) with an integrated academic year at IUT in Colmar, Alsace, France.
  2. Another possibility is to do the "normal" course of studies in Tourism Management and complete an integrated study year in Périgueux (the Aquitaine region of France near Bordeaux). 
  3. Other than that we offer the possibility of studying at one of the other partner universities, such as in Lyon or Rennes which, however, don´t offer the specific course of study in Tourism Management, where you can complete one semester or a whole year of studies, but without the option of achieving a double diploma.