Graduate program Mechanical Engineering

The master program Mechanical Engineering is an application-oriented master program.

Based on our 8-semester undergraduate programs "Mechanical Engineering" or "Mechatronics" or "Medical Technology" we offer a 2 semester graduate program with 60 credits leading to the degree Master of Engineering M.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering.

The application-oriented Master program deepens the knowledge and refers to actual tasks by offering cooperation on current research and development projects. In addition to the strengthening of the scientific basis, the degree program promotes the ability to plan and carry out independently and successfully research and development projects. The master degree program gains topicality through its reference to the research and development activities of the faculty members.

The master degree meets the requirements for the German higher civil service careers.

The graduate program in Mechanical Engineering consists of two semesters, a theoretical semester and a practical study semester with a master thesis.


A Bachelor degree with 240 credis (ECTS European Credit Transfer System) in Mechanical Engineering or in a subject-related degree program is required. The decision whether a degree program is related to a particular subject is made by the Examination Board, with obligation to catch up missing modules. Details are regulated in the access regulations.

Language requirements

Foreign applicants must have sufficient knowledge of the German language for their studies. Proof of the language prerequisites is provided through a at least five years lasting German language course or presentation of one of the following certificates:

a. DSH (German language examination for university entrance) level 1,

b. TestDaF (German as a foreign language) level 3,

c. or similar evidence subject to a case-by-case examination.

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Qualification aims

Degree and qualification aim of the graduate program Mechanical Engineering is the Master of Engineering (M.Eng.).

Program specific qualification aims:

Mechanical Engineering – Master degree qualification aims

General qualification aims:

The qualification objective of the scientific qualification ...

The qualification objective of the qualified employment ...

The qualification goal of the social commitment ...

The qualification goal of the personality development ...