Computer science for regional infrastructure

EU funded, completed research projects:Access to mobility and the accessibility of places are more than ever an important aspect of social participation. However, these goals are a major challenge, especially in rural areas. ITRACT (Improving Transport and Accessibility through New Communication Technologies) is a transnational Interreg IVb project, addressing the mobility and information needs of rural areas.ITRACT is a transnational cooperation in the field of transport incorporating new communication technologies.


In recent years, the requirements for the infrastructure for businesses and private individuals have expanded: In addition to classic infrastructure components such as transport links, the importance of modern communication options has increased significantly. As stated in the OECD "Broadband Internet will be involved in the production increase in the coming years with a good one third".Thus, the task for meaningful regional funding is to strengthen structurally weak regions in this area and thereby open up new competitive opportunities for them. With this in mind, the e-clic project has been launched, which has shifted its focus to the study of the use and enhancement of broadband connections in the North Sea region.

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