COMPAS - Compact modelling of high-tech systems for health management and optimization along the supply chain

High-tech systems integrate numerous highly complex components. Simulations are necessary at various stages of their design process to ensure mechanical robustness and reliability. COMPAS aims to develop novel, compact models and ultra-compact digital twins. The compact models capture nonlinear, transient and coupled (i.e. multiphysics) situations. The digital twins can self-sufficiently cast decisions (ultimately in real time) for prognostic health management. COMPAS will develop them using the example of the thermo-mechanical reliability of hightech systems, such as motor control units for automated factories, smart infrastructures (streetlights, power grids) or autonomous vehicles.

Model order reduction allows an automatic transition from a large-scale finite element model consisting of millions of ordinary differential equations (ODE) into lower order highly accurate surrogate.

As an enabler of compact modeling techniques, Jade University has a proven track record and extensive experience in developing compact models and model reduction for various application domains. In this project, we are developing compact modeling techniques for the supply chain of high-tech systems.

Project Partners

Infineon Technologies AG
Dr. Martin Niessner

NXP Semiconductors
Dr. Michiel van Soestbergen

TU Eindhoven
Dr. Peter van Otterloo


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