Department of Engineering Sciences

We see ourselves as "the engineer trainers" in the classic engineering disciplines in north-western Germany! What makes the department stand out is the hands-on approach we apply to our bachelor programs in the traditional engineering field. Currently we are offering five undergraduate programs, two graduate programs and one online program.

Longstanding experience

The solid basis of our programs are the "Electrical Engineering", "Mechanical Engineering" and "Mechatronics" programs. Their history stretches back more than 50 years. "Medical Technology" we offer for more than 35 years. Newest are the programs "Marine Technology" and the "Online bachelor program renewable energies".

Our specialty: theory and practice combined

We offer also programs of study  combined with vocational training and scholarships by the industry. This meshing of university learning and practical work gives you the optimum qualification for today’s highly specialised job market.


Internationalization is becoming increasingly important in studying. All our students have the opportunity to spend one semester studying abroad, or to write their bachelor's thesis in another country. The annual international summer schools offers the opportunity to get to know students from all over the world.

Female engineers

While women are still relatively rare in engineering programs, the female quota is rising all the time. Once women have decided on an engineering program, they enjoy an above-average success rate in our programs and many employers prefer them not just for their engineering qualifications, but also because of their communication and integration skills.


Our students are involved in current research projects, often carried out in cooperation with industry. This is one way we ensure our engineering teaching is always at the cutting edge of technology.

Professional qualification

Whether you choose one of the 8-semester bachelor programs with an integrated practical semester or an 8-semester study-and-work option, you can rely on a high level of professional qualification. Our engineers quickly find attractive jobs.