A wide range of microscopy methods is available in the Laboratory for Technical Optics. In addition to large-field and stereo microscopes with various contrast methods, there are also interference microscopes, a confocal microscope and an atomic force microscope.
All microscopes are equipped with cameras, and the images can be evaluated and processed using image analysis software. Some of the microscopes have coordinate tables with which the samples can be measured over a large area.

  • Reflected light and transmitted light microscopy with a wide variety of samples
  • Measurement of samples in the µm range via image analysis or with the aid of a coordinate table
  • 3D surface analysis and profile measurements by interferometry or confocal
  • Thin-film microstage measurements in the nm range

Equipment list:

  • Confocal and white light interference microscope Sensofar PLU neox
  • Scanning Force Microscope (AFM) Nanostation II from SIS / Bruker
  • Large field light microscopes from Zeiss and Leitz
  • Zeiss and Vision stereo microscopes


  • Image analysis software Olympus Stream Motion
  • SPIP image analysis software 3D for scanning probe and confocal microscopy
  • Measuring software for the interference microscope