“Kutterpullen“ is the most popular sporting activity n Elsfleth. A “Kutter” is type of rowing boat, 7 metres in length, weighing around a ton, rowed or “pulled” by a team of ten students. An additional team member acts as cox (or coxswain) and calls out the stroke and steering commands. We currently have three of these craft, in almost daily use from March to November.

Training is done on the river Hunte in and near Elsfleth, but at weekends we row as far as Brake or Oldenburg.

The highlight of the rowing season is the race on the Hunte during the “Seefahrtschulfest”, our annual festivity. Each year, on a Saturday in May, the Elsfleth teams compete against visiting teams, some of them from other nautical colleges.

During the summer vacation, one of the cutters is rigged with a mast and sail  so that it can be sailed, to Spiekeroog in the East Frisian Islands for example.

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