Since 2001 sailing in Elsfleth has been possible on the sailing dinghy “Calypso”. Demand was such that in the spring of 2011 two more RS-Vision dinghies were purchased. The dinghies lie in the grounds of the Weserstrand sailing club (SWE). The yacht harbour, which is independent of the tide, is used for training. Experienced sailors can also sail on the river Weser.

Sailing is open to anyone who can show evidence of knowledge and skills in a small test. If you can demonstrate your ability to rig a dinghy, to tack and jibe, you can use one at any time.

Equipment custodian

In recent years the nautical faculty has acquired a good deal of equipment, such as high quality outdoor gear and life-jackets. A student assistant has been appointed to manage the lending out of the equipment – please contact him via eMail: