We are delighted that you would like to study at the Jade University of Applied Sciences! On this page we will outline the application requirements, the application process as well as the steps that must be taken after application and before arrival on campus. If you have any specific questions, feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to welcoming you at our university!

Application requirements

Choice of study programme

Please make yourself acquainted with the full range of study courses offered on our website.
Selecting the right course of study is very important as actual course content may differ somewhat from that in your homeland. Please read all available information thoroughly and keep your own professional goals in mind. If you are unsure about your selection, please contact us. We will gladly advise you.
For an in-depth look into our various faculties see our department videos. Videos are also available describing certain individual courses.


Language skills

A good command of the German language is a prerequisite for all study courses. At the minimum you should have one of the following qualifications: DSH 1 or TestDaF 3 (also possibly Goethe-certificate B2 or telc German C1 University). Some courses require even higher qualifications in German. A list of those courses can be found on the site of the matriculation and examination office.
The International Office regularly offers immersion courses for prospective students who are already in Germany to help them prepare for the TestDaF.
This test can then be taken at the local community colleges in Wilhelmshaven (contact: Monika Pellenz: or Oldenburg (contact: Martha Hagen:

Educational background

In order to obtain a place at university, your educational background (school-leaving certificate, university degree, etc.) must allow you access to the German higher education system. Please use the anabin database. There you will find information about the degrees of your home country and their recognition in Germany.

If direct access to one of our study programs is not possible, you will be required to spend one year at the Studienkolleg.

Admission restriction

There are courses of study for which admission is restricted, i.e. which have a so-called "NC" ("Numerus Clausus"). This means that if there are more applications than study places, a selection procedure decides whether you will be admitted to the desired course of study.

In this process, the grade of the university entrance qualification as well as completed vocational training are evaluated according to the subject proximity to the study program and the final grade according to a bonus system. An overview of the latest NC values can be found on the corresponding page of the Admissions Office.

If you are interested in a degree program with restricted admission, do not be deterred and apply regardless of your grade point average!


For some degree programs, you must complete a pre-study internship. Different rules apply depending on the degree program.


Application deadlines

Depending on the degree program, you can apply for the summer or winter semester. The application deadline depends on when a degree program is offered and whether it is an admission-restricted (NC subject) or admission-free (NC-free subject) degree program. In the table of study programs you can see whether your desired study program has admission restrictions or not.

For the summer semester
October 1 - December 15: For admission-restricted programs as well as Geoinformation Science (MA) and Facility Management and Real Estate Management (MA)

October 1 - February 15: For degree programs with open admission

October 1 - December 31: Architecture (MA)

For the winter semester
April 1 - June 15: For programs with restricted admission as well as Facility Management and Real Estate Management (MA), Architecture (MA), Geoinformation Science (MA)

April 1 - August 15: For degree programs with open admission

April 1 - September 5: Electrical Engineering (MA) and Mechanical Engineering (MA)

Please note that the processing at uni-assist takes about 8 weeks and the application is then only processed at Jade University. So you currently have to expect about 10 weeks processing time. Therefore, please apply as early as possible!

Application via uni-assist

All applicants with a foreign university entrance qualification must apply via Uni-assist.

Please note that the application process at Uni-assist takes several weeks. Therefore, apply early!
Please proceed as follows:

1. choice of study program: select Jade University of Applied Sciences in the menu and then your desired study program.

2. registration: register in the portal.

3. log in and apply: Enter your data and upload the required documents.

4. pay: Pay the fee for Uni-assist.

5. print and send: Print out the application, sign it. Have the documents relevant to admission (e.g. high school diploma and entrance exam, etc.) translated. Send the signed application form by mail to Uni-assist. 6.

6. Wait for a message from Uni-assist.


After application

Uni-assist will confirm when your application has been received and whether it is complete or still missing documents. Only after receiving the processing fee, uni-assist will check your documents and then inform you about the result of the check. Please note: The processing time can take several weeks. Therefore, apply as early as possible so that you can be admitted in time for the start of lectures.
If you meet the requirements, your application will be forwarded by uni-assist to the Admissions Office of Jade University. Your documents will be checked again there. If your desired course of study is admission restricted (NC subject), the success of your application depends on your final grade as well as the number of other applicants and their final grades. Depending on whether your application was successful, you will receive an acceptance or rejection from the Admissions Office of Jade University.

In Deutschland ist es üblich, dass die Vermieter eine Kaution von 1-3 Monatsmieten verlangen. Diese erhalten Sie bei Auszug zurück. Sind allerdings Schäden an der Wohnung entstanden, darf der Vermieter soviel von der Kaution einbehalten, wie zur Behebung der Schäden notwendig ist. Bevor Sie einen Mietvertrag unterschreiben, sollten Sie ihn genau durchlesen. Einen Standardmietvertrag erhalten Sie im Internet auf den Seiten des Mieterbundes. Da Sie nur für eine befristete Zeit in Deutschland sind, sollten Sie unbedingt die Dauer bzw. das Ende des Mietverhältnisses festlegen.

An deutschen Hochschulen ist in der Regel kein Campussystem angeschlossen. Studierende müssen sich selbst um eine Unterkunft bemühen. Sie haben jedoch die Möglichkeit, sich um ein Zimmer im Studentenwohnheim zu bewerben. Die Bewerbungsunterlagen hierfür finden Sie beim Studentenwerk

Viele Wohngemeinschaften mit deutschen Studierenden finden Sie unter

Ausserdem bietet der CVJM zahlreiche Zimmern an. Die monatliche Miete liegt in etwa bei 200 EUR.

Haben Sie Interesse an einer privaten Unterkunft, kann Ihnen das Studentenwerk bei der Suche nach einem Zimmer behilflich sein. 

Weitere standortbezogene Tipps zur privaten Wohnungssuche finden Sie auf Studienortseiten.

Transfer from another university

You have already started your studies in Germany, but would like to change your course of studies? This is only possible with the approval of the Foreigners' Registration Office! So please contact the foreigners authority of your place of residence as early as possible. If they agree, you are welcome to apply for your desired course of study via Uni-assist at Jade University. Please note the necessary requirements and the application process.