FAQ - Application & Study

The Registration and Examination Office of the Jade University of Applied Sciences informs and advises you on all application and admission modalities as well as other registration and examination matters. We answer the most frequently asked questions about your application and your studies in our FAQ.

General information

How do I find my way around the various online portals?

On the Online-Portale page you will find tutorials on LogIn, Moodle, eCampus, WebMail and Infosys.

Where can I find the eCampus?

You can find the eCampus system on the main site from the Jade University..

Where can I find information about definition of terms?

Please sign in in the eCampus - Index tab user information.

How can I change my address?

You have to do it by yourself in the eCampus system. Sign in and go to my study – study service – contact details and then you can change your address yourself.

Where can I get a proof of enrolment?

You can print this proof by yourself in the eCampus. (Please sign in). The proof of enrolment and other certificates can be found under my study – study service – certificates.

Where can I get my timetable?

The timetable is compiled by the students themselves based on the offered lectures. Current information about the lectures and other organizational matters can be found in the Infosys. If you have any further questions, please contact the Deaneries of the individual departments directly.

What are semester hours (SWS)?

SWS is the number of hours the lectures/laboratory have per week.

Can I repeat a semester?

No, because the semesters are counted continuously.

Are there semester breaks?

No, there are lecture-free weeks between semesters in which other events can take place (internship, summer courses, field trips…).

Can I change my degree program?

An internal change is only possible after a successful online application.

Can I study two-degree programs parallel?

In principle, this is possible on request. For this please submit an informal application to your admission and records office in charge. The employees will inform you immediately about the result.

What is an examination regulation (PO) and where can I find it?

The general conditions for a study are regulated in a legally binding manner in the examination regulation. The examination regulations of a study program consist of a General Part (Part A) and the special part (Part B). Part A regulates the contents which apply equally for all study programs of all departments of the Jade Hochschule. Part B regulates the respective degree-program-specific Requirements. You can receive an overview of all examination regulations offered at the Jade University on this page.

Where do I find general Forms and applications?

Are parents/ fellow students allowed to pick up my Documents?

A collection of the Documents is only possible after submission of a power of attorney, because as a result of data protection reasons we are not allowed to hand over personal data to third parties. Information can basically only be given to person affected. However, in case of minor prospective students or students also on to legal guardian.

Where do I find which building?

Plan of the building for all three places of study.


Where do I find a Listing of degree programs?

A list of the study programs can be found in the table of degree programms.

When are the application periods?

  • Free of admission: Winter semester: 1st June till 15th September every year, Online degree programs in Wilhelmshaven till 15th August / Summer semester: 1st December till 15th March every year, Online degree programs in Wilhelmshaven till 15th February
  • Limited-admission (so called NC study programs): Winter Semester: 1st June till 15th July every Year / Summer Semester: 1st December till 15th January every Year

Time limits master´s degree

Please refer to the table of degree programs for application deadlines for master degree studies.

What is a NC?

“N.C.” is the short term for “Numerus clausus”, what means “closed numbers” on German. If the request is higher than the offer of study places, the access to a study program has to be locally restricted and a selection procedure has to be conducted.

What are the language requirements for admission?

All information about the admission requirements.

Where can I find the admission and access regulations?

The admission ad access regulations can be found on this page.

Can I study without A-levels/ general qualifications for university entrance?

Yes, a study is without A-levels possible. With the following vocational qualifications, you have the entitlement to study all degree programs at all higher education institutions:

  • Master craftsman
  • State certified engineer
  • Master Professional of Business Management (CCI)
  • Many other (further) education degrees


Who completed a recognized vocational training is allowed to study subject related after three years of professional experience. If you have neither one nor the other, you can still take an entrance exam if certain conditions are met. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

How can I apply?

You can easily register yourself about the eCampus and apply afterwards. This procedure is the same for enrolled and former students of Jade Hochschule.


After a successful application you can conduct the Online-enrolment. You will be guided through them automatically. After completing the online enrolment, you will need to access the enrolment / acceptance application. You must sign the declaration of acceptance contained in the appendix enclosed with the documents specified there, return and transfer the semester fee.
As soon as all documents have been received due to form and checked, as well as the semester fee has been paid, you will be enrolled. You will get your CampusCard sent to your home. Among other things you will receive your CampusCard sent to your home.

Part-time study

What exactly is a Part-time study and which advantages do I have?

A study in full time is pretty difficult to manage if you have to work next to your study or you have to look after children. Some study programs do offer the possibility of studying part-time. In a part time study, you provide a fixed or maximal number of credit points, which usually corresponds to about 15-20 Credit points.

If you earn credit points beyond this, the admission to part-time studies expires retroactively. If you study part-time, you will not be credited with a full semester of study. As a rule, one semester in part time corresponds to half a subject semester; depending on the examination regulations and the credit points to be achieved per semester, the counting may differ slightly.

For information on whether part-time study is possible in your degree program and the exact regulations, please refer to Part B of your examination regulations (link to the parent page of the orders) or ask your administrator.

How do I apply for a part-time study?

A part-time study is usually possible via a motion at the examination board. A part-time-study is only valid for the requested semesters and will not extend automatically. A new application can be submitted after the relevant semesters have passed by.

As a student of an online program in Wilhelmshaven, please contact the online team at onlinestudium@jade-hs.de to apply.


Who helps me with the “Formblatt 5” for the Bafög Office?

If you need the “Formblatt 5” for the Bafög Office, please contact the person responsible from the respective department. If you have any further questions regarding the topic Bafög, please contact the Studentenwerk in Oldenburg.

Account/ Password


After enrolment, you will be shown your initial access data and link to activate your student university access in the Jade eCampus. Please activate this within 28 days and make a note of the access data. You can find further information in the HRZ-Wiki.


If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it via the Jade eIdentity Portal. To do this, you must have already received your Campuscard (up to one week after enrolment).

Fees / Feedback

How is the semester fee made up and when is it payable?

The payment of the semester fee takes place to following feedback periods:

  • Summer semester: 15th December – 05th January
  • Wintersemester:    15th June – 30th June

Please note, that these are fixed periods and a Payment by instalments is not possible. Furthermore, only the semester fee paid in full can be taken into account.

The Semester fee is made up of the student services fee, the semester ticket fee if applicable, the AStA-fee and the administrative fee. The fee is set for one academic year at a time. You can find your individual contribution in eCampus.

What are long term study fees and other fees?

The long-term study fee of 500 euros is due as soon as the study credit has been used up. The

study credit is calculated from the number of semesters of the standard period of study of the chosen undergraduate degree program plus six additional semesters. For a consecutive Master's degree program, the study credit is then increased by the number of semesters of the standard period of study. Under certain conditions, the study credit can be increased, please see the application for an increase in study credit.

If the study credit has been used up, you can apply for exemption or waiver of the long-term tuition fee, if applicable.

Furthermore, the university charges students who have reached the age of 60 an additional tuition fee of 800 euros per semester.

What do I have to pay during a semester out?

The semester fee is reduced for a semester in which students are on leave of absence. Only the student union fee has to be paid. The semester ticket can be paid optionally. An exemption is possible here. The administrative fee and the AStA fee are not charged. During a semester of leave of absence, students are exempt from paying the long-term study fee. Further information on leave of absence can be found here.

How much are the fees in the case of a guest auditor?

The semester fee for guest students is 100 euros for courses up to four semester hours per week and 150 euros for courses with more than four semester hours per week.

You can attend as many courses as you like, provided the dean of the respective department agrees.

If you wish to take exams, the fee is an additional 50 euros per exam taken.

You can find further information in the „Guest auditorr“ section. 

Leave of absence

Upon application, students can be granted leave of absence from their studies if an important reason is proven.

To do so, the application for leave of absence must be submitted to the Examinations Office.

A leave of absence for the first semester is not permitted.
During the semester of leave, no courses may be taken, no examinations/theses may be registered for and no course work or examinations may be completed.

Reasons for a leave of absence:

  1. Health reasons
  2. Internship
  3. Study abroad (Learning Agreement is attached!)  
  4. Voluntary military service, federal or youth voluntary service 
  5. Pregnancy / maternity leave / parental leave (proof enclosed!)   
  6. Other reasons

Request for leave of absence

Time and Duration:

  • by 1st April for the summer semester
  • By 20th October for the winter semester
  • Leave of absence for the first semester is not permitted.
  • Leave of absence is only permitted for full semesters and, as a rule, only for a maximum of two consecutive semesters at a time.
  • As a rule, students may be granted leave of absence for no more than four semesters during the duration of their studies in a degree program
  • If you wish to take leave of absence for two consecutive semesters, an application for leave of absence must be submitted for each semester.
  • For periods of pregnancy and maternity leave or parental leave, the number of semesters of leave is not limited.

What fees do I have to pay for the leave of absence?

  • The student union fee must be paid. An exception is a stay abroad to complete a theory semester (study abroad). The examination regulations must not provide for a stay abroad.
  • The semester ticket is only payable if it is used.
  • The administrative fee, the Asta-fee and the long-term study fee are not charged.

The valid contributions can be found on the page.


Application and registration as a guest student

You must submit an application for admission as a guest student

and send it with a photograph to the Enrolment Office. It is important to include information about the degree program in which your chosen subject is offered and which lectures with which Tutor you have chosen. After the application has been approved, you will receive an invoice.

Guest students are entitled to take coursework or examinations in connection with the respective course. A fee of 50 euros per examination is charged for the completion of coursework and the taking of examinations.

A certificate is issued for the successfully completed course or examination. This certificate confirms that the course or examination was taken as a guest student. The achievements can be credited to a later degree program.

The application for admission as a guest student must be submitted by 15th March (for the summer semester) or by 30th September (for the winter semester). A guest auditor must be applied for separately for each semester. Please note the fee schedule.

Exam registration

When and where do I register for exams?

As a rule, there is a fixed examination registration period and examination deregistration period for each degree program. You can find the periods in the schedule of your department. You are also welcome to enquire about them with your responsible administrator.

Please also note that you do not only have to register for examinations, but also for the corresponding examinations.

You can find instructions on how to register for exams for most degree programs here. Once you have registered for examinations, please save your personal certificate of your registered examinations as proof.

Some degree programs have not yet been transferred to eCampus. You will find the corresponding list on the Ecampus homepage. If you are enrolled in one of these degree programs, you can register via the "Exam administration" tab. You can find the corresponding instructions here.

Prerequisite (for an examination)

Was ist eine Prüfungsvorleistung und was muss ich dabei beachten?  

Some modules consist of an examination and a corresponding preliminary examination. The preliminary examination must be passed in advance so that you can be admitted to the examination. Preliminary examinations are graded as passed or failed. In contrast to examinations, you can repeat prerequisites as often as you wish in order to prepare for the examination again in the corresponding semester.

Please note that you must also register for prerequisites examinations.

Notification of sickness

How do I call sick for an exam?

In case of illness, a medical certificate stating the duration of the inability to take the examination must be submitted immediately and must not be issued later than on the day of the examination; if necessary, a doctor on call or an emergency doctor must be consulted. Immediately means without culpable delay; if the certificate is submitted within three working days after the examination date, the condition of immediacy shall be deemed to be fulfilled without further justification. A medical certificate can only be recognized if the doctor certifies that the student is unable to take the examination. A certificate of incapacity for work (yellow or pink certificate) or a certificate with the wording "unable to study" or "cannot attend the university" does not meet the requirements!

If you are unable to take part in an examination due to illness, please submit the form certifiying your inability to take the examination to the Examinations Office.

Repeat exams

Will I be compulsorily registered?

If you have not passed an examination, please ask your department or your responsible administrator whether you are required to register or whether you have to register for the examinations yourself.

Can I rewrite an exam?

In some degree programs, re-write examinations or repeat examinations are offered. Please contact your department to find out whether such an offer exists.

Failed examinations may be repeated twice, but a passed examination may not be repeated to improve the result.

Practical semester / practical phase

What is a practical semester?

An internship semester is a semester in which you gain professional practice in your respective subject area through an internship and in which you can practically apply the knowledge you have learned in your studies. The duration of a practical semester is at least 12 weeks.

Please refer to your respective examination regulations.

What is a practical phase?

A practical stage is a part of a semester, in which you attain professional practice in your department because of an internship and in which you can practically apply your acquired knowledge. The number of weeks is not limited.

Please refer to your respective examination regulations.

Department of architecture:

  • There is no practice phase/ semester.

Department BGG:

  • Construction
    Rosemarie Schiller
  • Technology and health for people
    Rosemarie Schiller
  • Geo-information
    There is no practice supervisor. Please contact your chosen practice supervisor if you have any questions.

Department of engineering:

Department MIT:

There is no practice supervisor. Please contact your chosen practice supervisor if you have any questions.

Department of Maritime and logistics

Department of Economy:

Studiengänge Wirtschaft, Tourismusmanagement, International Business Studies, Internationales Tourismusmanagement
Stefanie Gawe

Further information on the department´s practical approach.


Bachelor´s thesis / Master´s thesis

How do I register myself for bachelor´s thesis / master´s thesis?

Before registering, please check with the Examinations Office whether your admission criteria are met.

You can find the appropriate registration form for the Bachelor's or Master's thesis for your respective degree program at the forms of the examination office.

Please refer to Part B of your examination regulations for the various requirements for registration as well as the processing times.

What do I do if get sick during the thesis?

Submit a medical certificate or a certificate of incapacity for examination to the Examinations Office together with an informal application for an extension of the processing time. If your

application is approved, the processing time will be extended in accordance with the number of days you were ill.

In some cases, a certificate from a public health officer must be submitted. You can find out when this is required from the person in charge.


A deregistration terminates membership at an institution of higher education and the status as student.

When does a deregistration occur?

Deregistration can be affected by the students themselves upon application, provided that the studies are not continued at the student's own request.

Furthermore, the university can deregistration the student if the re-registration (e.g. the transfer of the semester fee) has not taken place, all required examinations have been passed, an examination has been definitively failed or the obligation to provide proof of health insurance has not been fulfilled.

Deregistration upon application:

For deregistration, the completed application for deregistration, the proof of discharge and the return of the CampusCard are required.

You will be deregistered with effect from the requested date or deregistered on the date of receipt of the application. Retroactive deregistration is not permitted.

Deregistration ex officio:

Students are deregistration ex officio if...

  • The degree program has been completed.
  • Admission has lapsed due to the loss of the right to take examinations for the enrolled degree program.
  • The required fees and charges have not been paid despite reminders.
  • The obligation to provide proof of health insurance has not been fulfilled.

Refund of fees and contributions already paid:

If deregistration is applied before or within one month after the start of lectures, fees and charges already paid (usually the semester contribution paid) will be refunded.