Bachelor Urban Design

What will the city of the future look like? How do we plan the built environment in the face of major challenges such as climate change and digitalization? How do we develop sustainable strategies and innovative mobilities in existing or yet-to-be-planned urban environments?

The Urban Design programme addresses students who are interested in these questions and who want to actively participate in the design and planning of built environments.


Urban Design combines practical planning skills with interdisciplinary knowledge and creative design abilities. The goal of the programme is to teach students the complex processes and tools of urban design and landscape planning. Students learn to creatively design new urban environments in response to the challenges of present and future (e.g. climate change, sustainable development, digitalization).

Brief Overview Urban Design


Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Application deadline

from 01.06. to 31.07.

Study Start

only winter semester

Regular Duration of Studies

6 Semester

Numerus Clausus


Study Concept

Full Time

Place of Study





Urban Design is an interdisciplinary discipline. It combines competencies from the fields of architecture, urban design, landscape planning, geosciences, social and environmental sciences. Innovative and open-minded, we aim to develop sustainable ways of designing our urban worlds, whether they in the city or in rural areas.


  • Interest in urban and rural questions
  • Creative, communicative and organizational talent
  • Commitment to future issues such as climate change, sustainability or digitalization

Admission requirements

One of the following qualifications are required for enrolment:

  • General university entrance qualification (Abitur)
  • Subject-related higher education entrance qualification (Fachgymnasium)
  • Entrance qualification for universities of applied sciences (Fachoberschule)
  • University entrance qualification through vocational qualification

Detailed information on the subject of admission is available at the student registration office.

Application for the winter semester

Enrolment for the Urban Design (B.Sc.) is only possible for the winter term. Courses start at the end of September. Applications  are processed through portal for the Dialog-Oriented Service Procedure (DoSV). Potential students must register and apply via the Dialog-Oriented Service Procedure. Further information can be found at

A university entrance qualification is required for admission to the Urban Design (B.Sc.) programme. As a further admission restriction there is a numerus clausus (NC).

We have compiled a step-by-step guide on an extra page.

International applicants

Information for applicants with foreign qualifications is summarized in the section “Internationales”.

Student advisory service

Getting Started

Who helps with getting started?

  • Orientation Week. The purpose of Orientation Week is to teach basic skills in order to establish a shared basis and to get to know each other. We have compiled all further information on Orientation Week for you separately.
  • The Student Council. The student council is the students’ representative body in the Department. The Council organises campus tours and city rallies for incoming students during the first week.
  • The Peer Mentoring Programme. The peer mentoring project „Let’s go“ is the ideal companion for incoming students and for students from higher semesters. The mentors from the Department of Architecture offer uncomplicated support from a students perspective and provide advice and information on all study-related topics. True to the motto "by students, for students", we want to make it easier for you to start your studies and accompany you through your first semesters.
  • The Jade Pilots - Students help with orientation. If you are interested in studying and would like to be shown around the university for a day, for example, it is best to contact the Jade Pilots.

Further offers of assistance for prospective students​​​​​​​  at Jade University.

Further important information


Course Content

The Urban Design curriculum is divided into different content areas. Modules consist of several courses. The table of modules shows the distribution of courses throughout the course of the Bachelor's programme.

In addition to the table of modules, detailed information can be found in the module handbook as well as in the current examination regulations.


In the subject thread Project students design actual urban environments. They learn to balance design ideas with planning requirements and to present them convincingly. Students work in different learning situations - as individual projects or as group work - and concentrate on changing thematic focal points.


The Tools subject thread conveys fundamental urban planning and design skills. The thread includes design fundamentals, knowledge of spatial planning and process management as well as the use of digital tools.


The Theory thread teaches scientific fundamentals in a number of knowledge fields relevant to urban planning and design. During the course of your studies, you will learn to deal with a variety of subjects such as ecology, economics, history, cultural studies, anthropology, and sociology in interdisciplinary ways.


In the Lab, students get the opportunity to practice independent inquiry-based learning early in their studies.

Elective Courses

Elective courses allow you to choose from a variety of courses according to your own interests.

Facilities at the Department

Besides intensive and open teaching, good equipment at the university is key for successful studies. In addition to a well-equipped library and the in-house store for course materials, which are available to all students at Jade University, the Faculty of Architecture provides many facilities to support and facilitate the students’ work.

Job Description

The Bachelor's degree gives you access to a range of Master's degree programmes in areas such as urban design and spatial planning.

Today and in the future, we expect an increasing demand for competent designers and planners of urban spaces in both private and public sectors. The degree in Urban Design opens up career prospects in the public sector in building and planning administrations as well as in private architecture and planning firms.

Further fields of activity can be found in the areas of urban research and in the real estate industry and in property development. In addition, the degree can direct you toward a career path with  NGOs that deal with questions of the development of urban and rural areas.

Admission as an "urban planner" to the Chamber of Architects is possible in the federal states of Bavaria, Bremen, Hamburg, Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein after three years of full-time study and two years of proven professional practice. In Thuringia, three years of full-time study plus four years of professional practice or four years of full-time study plus two years of professional practice are required. In all other federal states, a minimum of four years of full-time study plus two years of professional practice is the prerequisite for chamber registration as an "urban planner".


Dean’s Office

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Academic Advisory Service

Lutz Robbers Ph.D.

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Facilities at Jade University

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