Capacity calculation

Every year, based on the Capacity Regulations (KapVO), the University Development Planning department calculates the intake capacities for all courses at Jade University and determines the acceptance restrictions and acceptance figures for individual courses in cooperation with the departments. The goal of the KapVO is to achieve full utilisation of the educational capacity of all universities. This is designed to provide as many young people in Germany as possible with a university place.

Every academic year, admission figures are newly calculated, based on the volume of teaching personnel capacity available. The scope of studies on offer is calculated from the teaching staff deputation hours fixed in the Teaching Obligation Regulations (LVVO). The teaching demand is established on the basis of the Curricular Standard Value (CNW), which is calculated separately for each subject. Also included in the calculations are the available rooms and facilities at the various Jade University locations.

Normally, intake is limited for courses which have in the past attracted more demand than can be covered by teaching capacity.



Jutta Neuhaus
Head of University Development Planning
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