Excellence in Leadership at the Jade University

In its statement of core values, the Jade University commits to its social responsibility and it sets out a framework for the university's continuing development. The statement of core values describes the culture the Jade University seeks to promote and live by. Our leadership culture strives to reflect these core values.

Members of the university in leadership roles use their responsibility and the explicit trust placed in them to achieve the common goals of the Jade University. The Leadership Framework is aimed, in equal measure, at both leaders and employees. The Framework contains guidelines for good leadership which respect their rights and duties and are based on mutual respect, appreciation and cooperation.


A common leadership vision

All employees are made aware of the aspirations of the Leadership Framework and the common core values which it reflects. The Leadership Framework promotes a participative leadership style based on democratic principles which encourages employees to actively participate in all aspects of university life and consolidate our common vision.

The members of our university have a diverse range of personal backgrounds. Our leaders approach their role with a fundamental openness to and awareness of this diversity of age, social background, nationality, physical and psychological constitution and ability, religion (including people of no faith), world  view, gender, sexual orientation, family situation and educational background. They show awareness of individual points of view, appreciate them and integrate them in their work.

Our policy of equality, diversity and inclusion is reflected across the spectrum of university activities and, in particular, by leaders when carrying out their daily tasks and fulfilling their duties.  Staff members in leadership roles pro-actively support and foster under-represented groups and genders. 

The Jade University upholds a very wide interpretation of the concept of family which reflects a diversity of constellations and life-choices. Members of the university in leadership roles actively support employees with family commitments, promote a family-friendly and well-balanced spirit of mutual cooperation and an ethos of openness in their respective sections.

Leadership Framework of the Jade University of Applied Sciences

Awareness of responsibility

Leaders are aware of the responsibility their position confers on them. Their behavior is exemplary and they are self-reflective of their actions. They implement the Leadership Framework and continually develop their leadership skills in recognition of the responsibility placed in their hands.

Fostering mutual trust

Leaders and employees work together on a basis of trust and strive to foster an atmosphere of mutual respect.  

Strengthening dialogue

Respectful, appreciative and transparent communication between leaders and other staff members is essential for successful team building and teamwork, allowing all involved to understand and participate in the process. The channels of communication are always open for dialogue on an equal footing, creating an atmosphere for the constructive exchange of views, expectations, feedback and all other important aspects of our daily work.

Developing innovative structures

Our leaders use the freedom to innovate within their sections to develop new structures and improve existing ones. In so doing, they expressly take into account the individual needs of their staff members.

Welcoming change

The dynamic working environment of the Jade University encompasses a plethora of expectations, requirements, tasks and processes in a state of constant evolution. Our leaders support and encourage staff members to express their needs and suggestions and to take advantage of further training courses or other individual personal development schemes.

Expressing expectations

If expectations are to be met, they must be clearly expressed and communicated. Our leaders pro-actively create appropriate space for such dialogue and constructive feedback, allowing staff members to express their expectations and wishes.


Members of the university in leadership roles are required to make decisions and, moreover, to communicate them clearly and explain them plausibly. Our leaders make informed and responsible decisions while taking a wide range of perspectives into account and weighing up possible outcomes.

A culture of mutual appreciation

Our leaders take the time to express their appreciation of staff members' work and opinions. In order to maintain a positive working environment, conflict resolution strategies should be agreed upon mutually and in a timely fashion.