Media Management and Journalism

Managing media projects is a central objective of our study programme Media Management and Journalism. 

Managing media projects includes design, organisation, guidance, conduct and evaluation. The study programme provides knowledge and experience in six areas: Media and Communication, Management, Journalism, Applied Computer Sciences, Visual Design and Statistics, Law and Languages.

A characteristic element of the programme is the integration of theory and practice in small learning groups. The modules build on each other and are interdisciplinary connected. The study programme consists of seven semesters including a five months intership in the media industry and completes with the academic title „Bachelor of Arts“. The first students started in 2001, completing with a diploma degree in 2005. Since 2005 the Bachelors study programme is accredited to the central evaluation agency ZEvA.

In the media and public relations industry working in projects is becoming more and more important. That means: Journalists have to be able to do more than research and writing articles.

They have to prove knowledge about media management, be able to work with computers and visual design to manage the editing room or to offer supplements, pages and TV or radio programmes as freelancers.

Media managers are in charge of customers´ magazines; they develop, plan and evaluate PR campaigns and events. They also design Internet portals, supplements for newspapers and magazines or identify new business opportunities for publishers.

Bachelor study programme

Since 2010 the Institute for Media Management and Journalism is a member of the European Journalism Training Association (EJTA).




All study programs of the Department of Engineering and Management are accredited by ZEvA.