Building bridges by intercultural communication


This text is a about the participation in a course "building bridges by intercultural communication". Participants came from Ucraina, Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. Some of the participants were also involved in the sutoma project and shared their experience with the others.

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Improving Academic Standards in Education – Conference ISE 2015, October 30, 2015 Tbilisi, Georgia

Within the conference two types of poster presentation were displayed at the conference – projects developed by trainees in the framework of PACT project and current Tempus project posters in Georgia.

The short presentations were made stating the goal, objectives of the projects, the outcomes and current activities. The local coordinator of TESAU (Telavi State University) Tamar Mikeladze made a presentation of SUTOMA. She explained the aim and the focus of the project, the achievements within the project such as completed 12 modules translated in three languages, teacher training, and students’ mobility within practical placement. The presenter talked about the current activities in the project such as modifying modules for Master’s level and implementing modules in existing and new curricula. The participants of the event got the project dissemination materials – bags, booklets, files, pens, and markers. The project sparkled interest among the attendees.

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Event about problems of ecotourism in Armenia

Date: 10-10-2015

There was an event about problems of ecotourism in Armenia and Gor Aleksanyan (PhD in Geography and Assistant Professor at Yerevan State University) was invited to have a lecture about the "Strategical approaches of Sustainable Tourism Management and opportunities it's implementation in mountain regions". Where he presented all his knowledge obtained during SuToMa project.

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Results of practice were summarized

On September 8-10, 1st year students of the Service Department of YSU Faculty of Geography and Geology presented the results of educational practice.


Tbilisi: Coordination meeting on practical placements within the EU TEMPUS project

Coordination meeting on practical placements within the EU TEMPUS project "Development of new modules for intenational bachelor and master programmes in sustainable tourism management (SuToMa)"

Date: 31.03.201

Location: Agricultural University of Georgia, Auditorium No. 321

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  • agenda (georgian)

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The newspaper "Voice of Kakheti" N29, 27.10.2014

“European programs at Telavi State University – SUTOMA- Sustainable Tourism Management.”

The article discusses community and market needs in Tourism. These needs can be solved on a regional level by the involvement of Telavi State University in the project SUTOMA (TEMPUS). The project goals, objectives and activities are presented in the article. In addition, I talk about my experience and gained knowledge during the Internship at Jade University. The article touches the following topics as well: Intercultural Communication Course, teaching material for module 5- Guidelines for practical placement, and future perspective of the project.

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Teachertraining in Armenia, November 27/28, 2014

Armenian experts learn from the European colleagues the methods of teaching which can become the basis for the sustainable tourism development.

By this link you can find information about the training.

The news about Tempus SuToMa has been published in the Azerbaijani newspapers

One of the major partners of the Tempus SuToMa project Azerbaijan Tourism Institute has published news about the project in the Azerbaijani newspapers - 525, Azertaj, Palitra and Khalg. Recently Tempus SuToMa project has its half time conference in Worms, Germany between June 9 and 14, 2014. After the conference Jade University and ATI celebrated the fifth year anniversary of their partnership. As returning to home country ATI gave an interview to local newspapers about both half time conference and anniversary celebration. In newspapers there is a brief information about SuToMa, the importance of Worms conference, its opening by the president of the University of Worms Prof.Dr. Hermsdorf, the speech of Mr.Hans-Joakim Kosubek - the mayor of Worms city. There is also written about the representatives from ATI, rector of the Azerbaijan Tourism Institute, doctor of historical sciences, professor J.Jafarov, head of research and development department Kazim Guliyev, expert at research and development department Julius Arnegger and specialist at International Relations Department Mrs.Nazrin Aliyeva and their roles and presentations at the conference. They as well mentioned about the celebration of the fifth year anniversary of the partnership between Jade and ATI in Wilhelmshaven and meeting with mayor of the city Mr. Horger Borkovski. The rector of ATI doctor of historical sciences, professor J.Jafarov expressed his gratitude to the project management for the sincere invitation and organization of the conference.

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Half-time conference in Worms

Date of publication: 11.06.2014

Name and place: Worms Newspaper, Germany

Language: German

Author: Christian Meyer


This article was published in the Worms Newspaper , June 11, 2014 after the opening of the half-time –conference at Worms University of Applied Science in Worms, scheduled June 10 – 14, 2014. The opening speeches were held by the Lord Mayor, the President of the University and a representative of each country Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia.


Strengthening cultural exchange with Armenia

Successful return visit of Armenian artists at the secession north-west

Date of publication: 17.03.2014
Name and place: Wilhelmshavener Zeitung, Deutschland
Language: German

This article is about an exhibition from February 27 to March 3, 2014 which was visited by more than 200 guests. Four Armenian artists exhibited their compositions. The genesis of this exhibition started one year ago at Jade University in January 2013 during the Kick-off meeting for the TEMPUS –project, promotion of sustainable tourism in three Caucasus countries Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia financed by the EU.

"I am confident..."

"I am confident..."

Date of publication: January 2014

Name and place: JURA MOPE SEA, an international business magazine

Language: English, Chinese, Russian and Lithuanian. www.jura.lt


Don´t be puzzled by the headline, it´s about our project! Find the article in English and Russian language as well as the source where it was published.

Introduction into the TEMPUS programme at Nachchivan University

Date of publication: 14.11.2013

This article is about an information session about the SuToMa project, taking place at Nachchivan State University, November 14, 2013. The coordinator Dr.  Ali Jabbarov informed students and the administrative staff about the 12 modules to be developed in collaboration with 28 universities and other institutions from Germany, Latvia, Ireland and Caucasian countries.

The Caucasus – tourism destination almost at the front door

Date of publication: October 2013

Name and place: Kaukasische Post, Tbilisi, Georgia

Language: German

Author: Gila Altmann

Photos: Andrea Menn



This article in German language was published in the Caucasian Post in Tbilisi in October 2013.
It first describes the function of Tempus and the role of Jade University.
In the next paragraph the fascination of the Caucasus region is mentioned, according to nature and culture, the “craddle of European mankind.”
In the following chapter is written about the radical changes in the Caucasus countries after the collapse of Soviet Union and the endeavors to develop tourism activities, followed by an analysis about the current situation.
The interest and request for this new destination exists in Europe, China and the US, the potential is huge but there is a lack of competence how to organize a development sustainably, about the expectations in service and management. The political problems are mentioned as well.
In the last part the structure and time-table of the project is described: 12 modules in 3 years, to be documented in 12 textbooks, trainings at the partner universities and in practical placements, in contents and methodology.

Azerbaijan - Announcement

Date of publication: 16.09.2013

Published in Delmenhorster Kreisblatt



This is the announcement of a presentation of Azerbaijan as a tourism destination in the context with the Tempus project in the so-called “Schlaues Haus” in Oldenburg. Background is the experience of Gila Altmann, having worked in Baku for 6 years.

Presentation of SuToMa project at Telavi University

Date of publication: 13.09.2013


12 Books as Device

Date of publication: 30.08.2013

Published in Wilhelmshavener Zeitung



This article describes the outcome of the workgroup leader meeting in Wilhelmshaven, Jade University, in August 24 to 29, 2013. It describes the cooperation among the participants of European and Caucasian institutions and the purpose of this meeting: to finalize the module description and to structure the next step, the creation of a textbook for students and teachers with a detailed content description of each chapter of the modules.

At last, the next workgroup meeting in November 2013 is announced, focusing on evaluating the results so far and distributing the further work.

Employees of Azerbaijan Tourism Institute ( ATI) participated in the workgroup meeting in Tbilisi

Date of publication: 03.07.2013

This article is about the meeting of the working groups ,working within the framework of the project "Module Development in Sustainable Tourism Management for International Bachelor's and Master's programs” according to the TEMPUS program of the European Union. The meeting took place in Tbilisi in June 2013.

The press release describes the activities during the meeting, which was organized in the University of Agriculture of Georgia. The workgroups presented their results worked out to this stage.

The project coordinator of Jade University of Germany, Andrea Menn, opened the meeting. The Vice President of ATI, Dr. Eldar Aslanov, highlighted, that this project is the result of a 5 years co-operation between Jade University of Germany and ATI.

Within a five-day program, the work group developed a framework for the 12 modules and a strategy how to organize the description of the chapters in shared responsibilities.

Artist Encounter with Armenia

Date of publication: 05.07.2013

Published in Wilhelmshavener Zeitung



In this article a new initiative based on the Tempus project is described. In the frame of the kick-off meeting in January 2013 contacts between German and Armenian artists were made accompanied by mutual invitations. In October 4 German artists will travel to Armenia while 3 Armenian artist will take part in the event “Sezession Northwest”

Forschung und Transfer 2012

Date of publication: 26.6.2013

p. 92/93

This article was published in the journal „annual report research and transfer 2012“ of Jade University published June 26, 2013 about our project. It describes the main idea and the different steps achieving the goals. The diagram illustrates how the modules are linked to each other.

The entire report you find here as well.

Jade University receives partner countries

Date of publication: 22.01.2013

Published in Wilhelmshavener Zeitung



This article is about the kick-off meeting of the TEMPUS project “Sustainable Tourism” in Wilhelmshaven in January, 20 to 26, 2013. The article describes the structure of the project , the participating institutions from the European and Caucasus countries and the importance for an improved quality of education in the field of sustainable tourism.

Opening conference of the international research project “TEMPUS”

Date of publication: 22.01.2013

Published in Jade Online MAgazine Delmenhorster Kreisblatt



This is the first presentation of the project “Sustainable Tourism Management” and the schedule of the first conference in January in Wilhelmshaven.

The article describes in detail the framework of the project, its purpose according to the political, scientific and social situation in the new independent states in the Southern Caucasus and their endeavors of a tourism economy. It also stressed why it is so important to work internationally and mentions the chances and obstacles.

Press Releases

Kaukasus touristisch attraktiver gestalten (Wormser Zeitung)

Abenteuer "Künstler aus Wilhelmshavenin Armenien"

Hochschule bildet Touristiker in Aserbaidschan aus

Auftakt-Konferenz von internationalem Forschungsprojekt "Tempus" (JadeWelt Online Magazin)

Kaukasus - Tourismusdestination (fast) vor der Haustür (Kaukasische Post - Oktober 2013)

Medeniyyet Newspaper

Kulturaustausch mit Armenien festigen (07.04.2014)

Vortrag "Aserbaidschan" (Delmenhorster Kreisblatt)

Tourismus in Kaukasusregion entwickeln (Wilhelmshavener Zeitung - 14.08.2012)

Medeniyyet (25.06.2014)

Zwölf Bücher als Bausteine (Wilhelmshavener Zwitung - 08/2013)

Künstlerbegegnung mit Armenien (Wilhelmshavener Zeitung - 05.07.2013)

Hochschule bildet Touristiker in Aserbaidschan aus

Abenteuer "Künstler aus Wilhelmshaven in Armenien"

Rural tourism in Russia and abroad - Problems and prospects