Our Team

The team managing the whole project was nominated during the first kick-off meeting in Wilhelmshaven, in January 2013 by the all participants and the project management.

The  project management is responsible for the whole project, with regards to contents, organization and finances.

The steering committee consists of two members of each Caucasian country, and 4 members of the project coordination and management. They have to structure the process and decide in case of problems.

The workgroup leaders structure the process of elaborating the modules. They organize the discussions, invite to Skype meetings and evaluate the results of each stage.

The practioners work on the implementation of Module 5, "new guidelines for practical placements". They were especially trained on this module.  In tandems of education and business they are supposed to introduce the new approach in workshops and meetings to their colleagues at their institutions  and to the business sector providing internships.


Project Coordination and Management

Steering Committee

Workgroup Leaders

Our Practitioners

Universities in Armenia

Companies in Armenia

Universities in Georgia

Companies in Georgia

Universities in Azerbaijan