Partner Universities

Hefei University of Technology

Ort: Hefei, China

Partnerships for the following courses

Elektrotechnik, M.Eng.
Elektrotechnik, B.Eng.
Management digitaler Medien, M.A.
Maschinenbau, B.Eng.
Maschinenbau, M.Eng.
Mechatronik, B.Eng.
Medienwirtschaft und Journalismus, B.A.
Medizintechnik, B.Eng.
Meerestechnik, B.Eng.
Wirtschaft, B.A.
Wirtschaftsinformatik, B.Sc.
Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen, B.Eng.
Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen, M.Eng.

Before making contact with the partner university, please consult the
International Office first. Regarding planning and funding your stay abroad, please make an appointment.

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