Brief Overview - Content Of The Project

Duration: 15.11.2012 -  14.10.2015 (3 years)

Objective: A multi-country project to modernize curricula in sustainable tourism mangagement (SuToMa)

Partners: 30 universities, enterprises and NGOs in Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia

Occasion: Tourism is a regional priority for the Caucasus, but an underdeveloped field in all three countries yet

Targets: 12 new modules for innovative topics such as

  • integration of theory and praxis
  • intercultural communication
  • e-learning and IT- technologies to be implemented in existing and new programmes of Bachelor Science  and Master Science
  • study programmes, accredited with ECTS
  • interdisciplinary approach such as agriculture, tourism and business studies


  • a common understanding of sustainability and regional development
  • modules created according to the Bolgna standards
  • comparable qualification standards
  • new methods and materials for teacher and tutor training
  • formal integration of practical placements in the curricula
  • regular monitoring of milestones
  • implementation of e-learning platform
  • new international academic cooperation


Development of modules -> first year 2013
Training of teachers          -> second year 2014
Testing with students       -> third year 2015