• Coordinator of ALIAS - The Adaptable Ambient Living Assistant
  • Coordinator of CustomPacker in FP7 PPP-FoF
  • Projects within the Cluster of Excellence CoTeSys (COgnition for TEchnical SYStems):
    JAHIR - Joint Action for Humans and Industrial Robots

    • ACIPE - Adaptive Cognitive Interaction in Production Environments
    • EYETRACK - Eyetracker-Based Driver State and Intention Recognition for Realtime Control and Configuration of Human-Machine Interfaces in Vehicles
    • RealEYE - Remote and Low Latency Eye Tracking
    • Mudis - A MUltimodal DIalogue System for Intuitive Human-Robot Interaction
    • ItrackU - Image-based Tracking and Understanding
    • LearnING -An Applied Engineering Program
    • Sequential - Mental state prediction for perception, task control, and action in sequential activities
    • AudiComm - Audio for Communication and Environment Perception

  • Applied research project with B/S/H/ on innovative control units for white goods
  • SAFFE, Security of Aircraft in the Future European Environment 6th FP
  • AGMA, Automatic Generation of Audio-Visual Meta Data in the MPEG-7 Framework
    (funded by BMBF, subcontractor of FHG-IMK)
  • FGNet, European face and gesture recognition working group (EU-IST programme)
    M4 - Multi-Modal Meeting Manager (EU-IST programme)
    MUGSHOT, Face profile recognition using hybrid pattern recognition techniques (funded by DFG)