+++ Cancelled! +++

Due to the increasing number of COVID-19 infections and the associated orders of the state government, the Summer School in 2020 must unfortunately be cancelled!

Summer School "International Shipping and Maritime Logistics" Sept. Aug., 31st – Sept. 18th, 2020

Key features & finances

  • BSc. study level (2nd year or higher)
  • Up to 6 ECTS credits can be acknowledged by the home university
  • Three weeks intensive classes in English language
  • Group of 15-20 participants from Germany and abroad
  • International students and lecturers from Szczecin / Poland, Constanta / Romania, Rijeka / Croatia and others
  • 8 contact hours + 2 hours self study per day (Monday-Thursday)
  • Field trips to partner companies on Fridays
  • Cultural programme during weekends
  • 24 hrs / day friendly, confidential and one-to-one counselling provided by a special-established mentors team
  • Course fees are 250 €
  • Accommodation in the students hostel Marikom directly on Campus
  • A twin-bed room costs about 25 € / pers. / night
  • Internet connection free of charge
  • Meals in the hostel cafeteria cost about 16 € / day (half-board or only breakfast is also possible)

Events & Activities

  • Regular lectures and guest lectures (whole group)
  • Case studies, case assignments & industry examples / Simulation or project sessions (small groups)
  • Field trips to partner companies: SMM Hamburg; Mercedes-Benz factory, Bremen; Beck’s Brewery, Bremen; Meyer Shipyard, Papenburg; Car-Container Terminal, Bremerhaven; Crane simulator & Rescue Training Centre, Elsfleth
  • Opening ceremony – official welcome
  • Welcome party, International Food Festival, City of Elsfleth walking tour
  • City guided tour in Hamburg, Bremen, Bremerhaven, Oldenburg
  • Daily after-class cultural & social activities (German lessons, visit to Maritime Museum, Archery, Water sports, Geocaching, Cinema etc.)


Area 1: Maritime Operations & Technologies

  • Advanced Marine Engineering
  • Navigation and Weather observations
  • Concept Design of a Ship

Coordination: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Laurentiu Chiotoroiu (laurentiu.chiotoroiu@jade-hs.de)

Area 2: Maritime Business & Logistics

  • Maritime logistics & marketing strategies
  • Green Port Strategies & Cargo Handling Technologies

Coordination. Christian Jauernig M.Sc. (christian.jauernig@jade-hs.de)

Area 3: IT Applications & Business Basics

  • Business Information Management (Big data analysis, VBA programming with Excel, Statistics with Excel)
  • Intercultural Communication & Competence

Coordination: Prof. Dr. Andreas Stern (stern@jade-hs.de)

Overall coordination: 
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Laurentiu Chiotoroiu